Character. Resiliency. Leadership.

Our Organization

Our Charter : Since 2014, our Troop has been charted by St. Denis Catholic Church in Douglas, Massachusetts. Through the generosity of the parish, we are able to hold regular Troop and Committee meetings, store our camping gear and supplies, and have a presence in our community. 

Membership in our troop is open to boys of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Our Council : Troop 316 is within the Mill Town District of the Heart of New England Council of the Boy Scouts of America. HNE Council supports Scouting in Central Massachusetts, and operates our home summer camp – Treasure Valley Scout Reservation.

Our Committee : Our Troop Committee is comprised of dedicated adults who ensure our Scouts have the ability to run their program. From coordinating fundraising efforts to proper training of adult leaders, if you’re interested in joining the Committee, contact the Committee Chair.

Our History :

Troop 316 was chartered to St. Denis Church in 2014 with 20 Founder Scouts and Bill Peck as Scoutmaster. 

Our Program

Scouts, BSA : With more than 130 Merit Badges—from Archery and Art to Welding and Wilderness Survival—Scouting is the ultimate form of learning by doing. Scouts explore their interests and improve their skills while working toward Scouting’s highest rank: Eagle. By first imagining, planning then doing their own service projects, Scouts learn the value of hard work, and experience the thrill of seeing it pay off.

Add in outdoor adventures, hiking and camping, and Scouting gives youth experience that will benefit them throughout their life.

What this means for your family : Scouts joining the Troop is not the same as joining a seasonal sport or other activity. The Troop is an extension of the Scout’s family, and only functions with the support of parents and guardians. 

What this means for the Scout : The Troop meets weekly (currently Tuesday) from 6:45-8:15PM. Meetings consist of skills instructions, demonstrations, inter-patrol activities/games, planning, etc. 

An overnight camping activity is held once per month. From winter cabin camping with rock climbing trips, to regular tent camping, to major camporees and week-long summer camp.

Weekly meetings and camping events are planned by the Patrol Leaders’ Council – an executive committee of elected youth leaders who meet once per month. 

Just the tip of the iceburg

Scouting has so much to offer for those that wish to be involved, even beyond the Troop.
From National Jamborees and High Adventure Bases, to the Order of the Arrow – the BSA’s National Honor Society. 

It is most important to understand that Scouts advance in rank at their own pace, and that no one is held to any expectation. Scouts will be given all the support they need to succeed, but are encouraged to have fun in the program first of all. The Troop is always there for them, even if they need time off.

Scout Law

A Scout is:

TRUSTWORTHY. Tell the truth and keep promises. People can depend on you.

LOYAL. Show that you care about your family, friends, Scout leaders, school, and country.

HELPFUL. Volunteer to help others without expecting a reward.

FRIENDLY. Be a friend to everyone, even people who are very different from you.

COURTEOUS. Be polite to everyone and always use good manners.

KIND. Treat others as you want to be treated . Never harm or kill any living thing without good reason.

OBEDIENT. Follow the rules of your family, school, and pack. Obey the laws of your community and country.

CHEERFUL. Look for the bright side of life. Cheerfully do tasks that come your way. Try to help others be happy.

THRIFTY. Work to pay your own way. Try not to be wasteful. Use time, food, supplies, and natural resources wisely.

BRAVE. Face difficult situations even when you feel afraid. Do what you think is right despite what others might be doing or saying.

CLEAN. Keep your body and mind fit . Help keep your home and community clean.

REVERENT. Be reverent toward God. Be faithful in your religious duties. Respect the beliefs of others.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Motto

Be Prepared

Scout Slogan

Do a Good Turn Daily

Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to –
Be clean in my outdoor manners.
Be careful with fire.
Be considerate in the outdoors.
Be conservation minded.